Yet again, Donald Trump has been proven correct when it comes to our southern border. We are all aware of his plan to build a wall between our two nations, and this video proves why.

Not only does the video prove Trump’ss point that drug smugglers are effectively waltzing into our country, it drives home the notion that our government is in on it.

Three illegal aliens were filmed by Mexican journalist, scaling the existing wall near Nogales, Arizona. As predicted, these weren’t men interested in getting into Mexico.

Rather these were drug runners, loaded down with giant backpack-like cases. Up, over, and down they went. The illegal aliens shouted at the journalist to stop filming them.

Infuriatingly, three of our U.S. Border Patrol trucks and agents sat there and DID NOTHING.

Trump is right. We not only need some sort of wall, but we need a better one in Nogales.

We also need a US Border Patrol interested in doing their jobs, regardless of an illegal order from on-high.

Source: Mad World News



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