Eight months after being beaten to death, but existing in the limbo-like state of a coma, Robert Barnes, aged 51, homeless American hero, a military veteran, has been released from his earthly bonds. His body has finally given out.

On April 7th, 2015, Mr. Barnes was falsely accused by a 10-year old boy of hitting him. For his part, Barnes was doing nothing more than trying to earn some spare change by pumping peoples’ gas into their vehicles at the Sunoco station in the Olney area of Philadelphia (PA).

Surveillance cameras proved Barnes never laid a hand on the child.

Upon learning that her son had been “beaten” by Mr. Barnes, and rather than call upon the cops to investigate the matter, the child’s mother and her gang of thug-friends, to include adults and children, rolled into the Sunoco station in a minivan, and like a nightmare version of a clown-car, they all spilled out and commenced an assault on Mr. Barnes.

Barnes was beaten with a hammer, a wooden rocking chair leg (go figure), as well as assaulted with fists and feet. His head was stomped into the ground.

The assailants, repeatedly returned to their victim to continue bashing in his brains. The youngest managed to get multiple rounds of head-kicks and face-stomps in.

Perhaps most disgusting are the onlookers. A very large framed fat-man is captured in the video. He just kind hub-bubbs around the margins, appears to ask what’s-up to the thug-bunch, and then is seen walking over to take a gander at the bloodied piece of meat that was once military hero veteran Robert Barnes, only to turn and walk away, grab his kid’s hand and head into the station building.

Fat-man was doing his best to impersonate a hero, but he just couldn’t pull it off being so bogged down under the rucksack of cowardice.

The criminals were arrested and charges were brought against all, young and old alike. With Barnes’s death, the charges may be upgraded to murder. Let’s hope they are.

Meanwhile, the 10-year will live with this for the rest of his life, as well he should, because he ended up killing a man with his lies.

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