Many Americans wake up every morning facing a stark reality that dreams have not washed away.

The lack of a job. Crippling disease.

Many have no home – young adults unable to pay sky high rent and living in their parents’ home, and no hope of ever owning one – couples who can only dream of saving for a down payment.

Far too many have no home at all – the number of homeless men and women sleeping on the street or in dangerous urban camps continues to climb to unacceptable levels across the country.

But First Lady Michelle Obama looks out from the White House and sees none of this.

Instead, she sees only racism that somehow still enslaves her as a victim of injustice.

Delivering the commencement speech at City College in New York, the First Lady of the United States told the graduates, “I wake up in a house that was built by slaves.”

And while her statement is misleading, inaccurate, and historically ignorant, the very fact that this is her mindset when she wakes up is not only revealing, but astonishing.

This is a woman who lives in a 55,000 square foot mansion of 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms, with a staff of one-hundred, including maids and housekeepers who make up the bed she wakes up in every morning, fuming at the inequities in the world in 1792.

Mrs. Obama’s breakfast is prepared in a kitchen staffed by five chefs and served by butlers.

The flowers on her table are arranged by her full-time florist and may come from the extensive gardens surrounding that house.

Any issues with the house are addressed by full-time plumbers, carpenters, and engineers.

Mrs. Obama, her two teenaged daughters and her mother have access to private tennis courts, jogging track, swimming pool, and a movie theater.

For the record, laborers on the original home – which was burned by the British during the War of 1812 and has been rebuilt and restored numerous times in the centuries since – included slaves and far more free African-Americans who were paid for their work, but primarily European immigrants.

And perhaps Mrs. Obama needs to be reminded that she has lived rent-free in that home, The People’s House, for the past seven years.

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