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Perhaps we should all take a deep breath before we actually listen to another installment by the progressive establishment, this time from a podcast on NPR, entitled “The Art of Living at the Poverty Line” or perhaps a more accurate title might be “how to screw the American worker, and the establishment.”

Because in reality welfare is fast becoming the governments “economic drug of choice” and like an addicted heroine addict, the welfare recipient rather than being weaned off the cycle of poverty the government simply substitute’s one drug for another and that cycle of dependency continues, for yet another generation.

This particular podcast segment chronicles a welfare recipient named “Edith” and how she’s able to game the system in her favor. Edith has even figured out how to get credit cards, those little plastic things within our wallets with ZERO-PERCENT interest rates and then cleverly transfers her balance to another credit card before the rate goes up.

“Yes” I said ZERO-PERCENT credit cards are being given out to welfare receipts apparently with no questions asked, and I wonder how many hard-working Americans can enjoy those low rates on their credit cards?

Edith by all accounts is a savvy and extremely clever individual taking advantage of every economic loophole, and quite frankly would probably do well within some type of financial institution, if she had the ambition to move out of the welfare system and up the economic scale.

She has an excellent credit rating, she signs up for store cards to get discounts, and then pays off her bill on time. She gets food stamps and lives in subsidized housing, and actually takes vacations, and has $900 in savings.

However in all fairness Edith does work doing odd jobs and earns around $16,000 a year, considerably higher than the national average of $13,500 paid out to senior citizens, collecting Social Security who have worked all their lives without gaming the system, however aren’t entitled to food stamps or subsidized housing.

“Remember” I began this article by suggesting that we all take a deep breath, and I’m sure that as you listened to this 22-minute podcast hosted by two self aggrandized progressives, that you’ve no doubt asked yourself where is the government oversight? And was this the true intent of the welfare system, having someone who’s quite capable of earning a decent living, gaming the system?

Just in case your in the mood to scam the American people out of some welfare money here is the NPR podcast in its entirety. We are not promoting the ideas discussed in this podcast but trying to shine a light on this and hold NPR accountable.

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