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Church and state have long been separate in public schools here in the United States. Many Christian families have chosen to put their kids in private school or to home school in order to be able to observe their faith as they see fit.

This isn't good enough for Muslim children in St. Cloud Minnesota though. School officials are bending over backwards to make Muslim immigrant students happy at the expense of the rest of the community.

One would most defiantly have to assume that the vast majority of the tax money being paid to fund these schools is not from the Muslim immigrant students families but from the other families that are being subjected to Muslim prayer time.

More from Conservative Tribune:

The St. Cloud school district has been dealing with a large influx of Muslim students, mainly from Somalia, in the last few years, and PBS recently published an article about how the school’s officials have made adjustments to help these students feel at home.

The school district has made major strides toward accommodating these students’ religious traditions, while Christian students have been left to fend for themselves.

Most importantly, the schools in St. Cloud have created private spaces for Muslim students to pray.

“In the district’s middle and high schools, Muslim students have access to private rooms with prayer rugs for the five daily prayers,” the article explained.

Something tells me it’s unlikely that a chapel will be created for Christian students to go pray whenever they feel the need. Most schools won’t even allow Bibles to be distributed on campus, yet Muslim students get “prayer rugs” provided to them.

Furthermore, the schools have changed their lunchroom menus to include pork-free options for the Muslim population. In addition, the school district has been working to develop uniforms for female athletes who wear the hijab, the headscarves worn by some Muslim girls and women.

These kids should feel comfortable when they go to school, as should all kids — including Christians. We cannot accommodate one group of students for faith-based reasons, while ignoring the religious needs of others whose faith is just as important as Muslims.


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