The autopsy of Zachary Hammond revealed that the white teenager was shot in the back, and from behind by police, and his car was not moving, contrary to police reports that the car veered toward the officer during a drug sting, so claims the teen’s lawyer.

Eric Bland, a Columbia attorney hired by Hammond’s parents, said he has requested the state Attorney General to call for a statewide grand jury investigation into the incident.

“It is clearly, clearly from the back,” Bland said after viewing pictures of the bullet wounds at the coroner’s office Wednesday. “It is physically impossible for him to be trying to flee or run over the officer that shot him.”

However Police Chief John Covington is supporting his police officer’s account as to what took place, alleging that his officer was attempting to make a drug arrest that night, explaining that the shots were fired from near point-blank range into the open driver’s side window.

Chief Covington went onto explain: “He actually had his hand on or very close to the car, possibly pushed off from the car, and was not shot from behind.”

He continued defending his officer saying; “The attorney wasn’t there either, he’s got to put his spin on things, his clients are the parents and they’re grieving. I understand that. My heart goes out to them.”

The officer claims that he fired in self-defense, as the auto driven by the 19-year-old Seneca High School graduate, was turning toward him.

Riding along with Hammond when the incident accrued was passenger Tori Dianna Morton, 23, of Pickens, who was not hurt, however she was arrested  for possession of marijuana.

Covington continued defending his officer, outlining that everything done was according to police standards, saying the officer approached the car with his gun drawn, as is common practice in making narcotics arrests.


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