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The stunning revelation in light of the bloodbath that claimed 14-innocent lives and wounded countless others, by the Department of Homeland Security that it does not monitor the social media accounts of aliens attempting to entire the country because of some politically correct insanity is simply unimaginable.

What is even more insane is that Home Land Security actually monitors social media accounts held by American citizens; in short this posting is in all probability being reviewed right now!

This mind bogging acknowledgment was revealed on Monday by John Cohen, a former DHS under-secretary for intelligence and analysis.

Now an intelligence analyst at ABC News, Cohen says that last year, DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson resisted changing the agency’s policy against viewing visa applicants’ social media accounts as part of the screening process to let them into the U.S.

What seems even more apparent than before is that this pervasive environment of political correctness has claimed the lives of those poor victims and that this administration must be held accountable for allowing this to occur!

Tashfeen Malik, who along with her husband reportedly passed three background checks by American officials before she moved from Pakistan to the United States and none of them bothered to check her social media profile or her posts about jihad, and her allegiance to ISIS.

For nearly 8-years this administration has waged a war, however not against those that want to destroy America, but rather in concert with those that want to destroy America. The preponderance of evidence is there for all to see, from his creation of ISIS, to his reluctance to even identify the enemy, to a non military strategy, that simply buys this “wolf in sheep’s clothing” time to pass what he’s created (ISIS) to the next president.

However, in the meantime we’re at risk of another attack on the homeland, with Obama’s continued reckless policies of allowing 10-20,000 undocumented Syrian refugees into the country, and by Home Lands Security own acknowledgement difficult to vet.

Ask yourselves, is this simply incompetence or something a lot more sinister?

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