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When an outsider like a Donald Trump speaks of improving America’s economy, what seems to get lost within his overall overview is his continued referencing of the waste, fraud and abuse, which seems to be running rampant within almost very facet of government.

Although the Department of Health and Human Services has found another way to reduce welfare fraud, by implementing new rules that will restrict how many EBT cards a recipient can receive, which hopefully will cut down on EBT card trafficking.

Officials point out that some people sell or give their cards to others to use and then simply request a replacement card.

Under the new rule, the Department of Health and Human Services will withhold a fifth EBT replacement card within a 12 month period until a client can explain the need for so many replacements and if an explanation isn't given, the card will be withheld and the case will be turned over to the fraud, investigative recovery unit.

However to put this latest effort into proper context, one needs to understand the full scope of the fraud and abuse currently taking place within the Food Stamp program, it is now estimated at over $750 million dollars a year and growing.

The Department of Agriculture announced it would be giving states more power to investigate individuals and families that repeatedly claim they have lost their benefit cards and seek replacements.

However what is truly needed is someone like Trump, a successful businessman and not another political hack, who understands waste and abuse, profit and lose.

Source: Fox Bangor



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