President Trump must be feeling some vindication as the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email scandal is back on again. Trump instructed the Department of Justice to reopen the case and Hillary's first response leaves a lot of people scratching their heads.

This does not look good for the Clintons. There are also reports that Hillary has been offered a plea deal that would avoid the DOJ of further investigating donations made to the Clinton Foundation.

She might want to come home and take the deal. All this running around leaves one to ask the question... Where did Hillary flee to? Hillary has bailed to Canada.

Perhaps she is hoping things will blow over while she lays low but we don't think it's going to be that simple for her.

Hillary and Bill Clinton will head north along with Chelsea Clinton to an estate in Quebec, known as Manoir Hovey.

It is unknown how long the Clintons plan to stay.

Folks on Twitter are certainly not so easily fooled and have called Hillarys sudden plans to leave the Uniteed States as dubious at best:

H/T: Conservative Fighters

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