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President Obama addressed the nation on Thursday in response to the tragic shootings that took place in Charleston, South Carolina. Obama's remarks focused on the pain, loss, and tragedy of the event, but it's unclear how sincere the President's words were in light of the news that his weekend golf outing is still scheduled.

Obama is headed to Palm Springs, Florida this weekend for an exclusive golf outing with several of his close friends. It's unclear whether Obama needs to release some stress from dealing with trade pacts in Congress and this recent tragedy or whether he's trying to keep up with his wife Michelle, who is enjoying a lavish European vacation with their daughters.

Whatever Obama's reasoning, it's clear that he is oblivious to the pain and troubles affecting America, not just in South Carolina, but also in California, where the thought of enjoying a weekend at a notorious water-guzzling place like a golf course is extremely bad form.

Perhaps Obama is merely preparing his body for more time off that will come when he takes his yearly sabbatical to Martha's Vineyard.

President Obama, it's time to put down the golf clubs and start working for the American people. They elected you, so start thinking and acting in their behalf.


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