Perhaps the question these residents in College Park, Md should have asked is how they’ve allowed a handful of progressive bureaucrats to steal away their sovereignty?

Moreover one would assume these are elective positions, and that all of these members on the council ran a campaign based on their perceived positions, ideas, and ideology. And apparently, the good citizens of College Park voted these characters into office.

Which means either the good citizens of College Park were betrayed by members of the City Council or didn’t pay much attention to the platform the candidates were running on, in either case, the voters have been screwed.

The council vote was scheduled originally for August however it was postponed because a few members had received anonymous threats and rescheduled the hearing for September 12th

When asked to comment on the threat Prince George’s County Police Cpl. Nicole Hubbard said: "Our Homeland Security Division is conducting the investigation,”

He continued: “Due to the threats, we will have increased presence of our officers present at the meeting tonight. Anyone who has a threat against them, anyone who feels violated, we want to feel safe and this is why we are taking these measures."

However, even with police presence, the meeting was extremely contentious with almost two dozen people signed up to speak on the matter during Tuesday night’s meeting.

In the end, the measure passed and College Park now joins 6-other towns in allowing non-citizens to have an equal voice in deciding how their town is run. However one might ask how can a government that claims to be a “civil society” allow individuals who legally cannot claim U.S. citizenship affords them the same right as a citizen which by definition is; "a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection (distinguished from alien)."

No doubt the good citizens of College Park will have another bite of the apple when City Council members come up for reelection; moreover, anything voted inside a council chamber without the benefit of a ballot box can be rescinded by new council members.

Check out the anger from the legal citizens of College Park in this news clip:

Do you believe the City Council overstepped their authority by not allowing a ballot vote by all its citizens on the this measure?

Source: FOX-5

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