Donald Trump is the man of the hour. Love him, hate him, be ambivalent about him, one cannot deny he is the frontrunner, not only of the presidential campaign (both parties), but with respect to the media.

His love-hate relationship with the media, and his ability to use them like the tools they are, has been fun to watch.

As the primary nears, each of the candidates is getting down to the brass tacks of a campaign.

Rumblings and rumors are beginning to percolate with respect to potential Vice-President running mates, possible cabinet selection, and so forth.

With respect to Donald Trump, this is certain to send the wrong kind of chill-thrill up some liberal anchor’s leg, and strike fear into the Democrat-RINO Congress.

Rumor has it that Trump will put forth an equally brash co-candidate and cabinet to include; Sarah Palin as a possible VP, Sheriff Joe Arpaio as Attorney General, and Ann Coulter as Homeland Security Chief.

What fun! Who else can we come up with as suggestions for a Dream Team of pro-American Patriots?

How about Colonel David Hunt or Allen West as Secretary of Defense, Rush Limbaugh for Press Secretary, maybe Mark Levin as an alternate Attorney General, and Walter Williams as the Secretary of the Treasury.

The possibilities are endless!

h/t: Conservative Post


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