The practice of testing welfare recipients for drugs has been argued back and forth across the political spectrum for years. Fortunately for welfare reform, the practice of making sure recipients of taxpayer funds aren't drug addicts is having a huge effect.

In North Carolina, one of the first states in America that has begun issuing drug tests for people who want to receive its welfare benefits, 24 percent of the people who were tested came up positive for drug use.

And that's only counting the number of people who actually showed up for the testing.

70 people who were ordered to take the drug test never showed up for the state-sponsored testing. It's hard to imagine any other reason for their skipping besides the fact that they were likely on drugs or knew that they would fail the test.

North Carolina, like the other states who have passed similar drug testing measures, passed a recent bill that doesn't allow anyone on drugs to apply for and receive welfare benefits. Though many liberals are incensed by this move, it makes sense to many taxpayers.

Drug use has repeatedly been linked to decreased community involvement and work. Drug addicts aren't simply members of society who need a helping hand when they fall on hard times. They are people who, at some point, chose to engage in the practice of destroying their lives and now are reliant on the money of others to survive.

That doesn't mean, however, that society should simply ignore the drug problem and let these people waste away. Perhaps instead of giving these people welfare benefits, the money that would have been spent can be used to enroll them in treatment shelters or get them to see the specialists they need. Though they made poor choices, common Christian courtesy demands that those who can help should.

But should they receive state funds for food stamps and other benefits when there are young, single mothers and others who need them? I don't think so. Way to go, North Carolina. Hopefully the rest of the country is right behind you.

h/t: Breitbart

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