After the horrific college shooting in Roseburg, Oregon politicians and other political leaders across the country have used the tragedy to speak out against gun ownership and try to drive gun control. But the local sheriff who responded to the shooting is still standing strong for gun rights and limits on gun control.

John Hanlin is the sheriff of Douglas County, the county where Umpqua Community College is located. While activists are using the UCC shootings as a means of trying to drive gun control legislation, Hanlin has a strong track record of speaking out for gun rights and he isn't backing down.

After the Newtown, Connecticut shootings in 2013 Hanlin called out Vice President Biden and told him his county wouldn't give in to Washington's pressures to exert more gun control. Hanlin has also refused to give in to the popular notion that more background checks will prevent criminals from getting guns. That's not the case, he says.

Douglas County is a staunchly conservative area of the country where many residents go because they trust in the county's backbone and willingness to let people exercise their rights. Even after the terrible shootings, residents of the county know that, in part, the tragedy could have been avoided if the college hadn't been a gun-free zone.

"I carry to protect myself — the exact same reason this happened," said one Douglas County resident who was also a military veteran. Other residents feel equally secure when they know they can carry guns.

Though many liberal pundits would have the public believe that gun control is the answer, the implications of stricter background checks are clear--fewer everyday citizens will have access to guns but criminals' access won't be deterred.

It's disheartening to see the liberal media seize tragedies like the UCC shooting and bend them into their agendas. Thank goodness men and women like Sheriff Hanlin are standing strong for our rights.

h/t: CNS News

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