If you believe in the free market, then Target has a perfect right to sell anything (provided it’s legal) within its stores, and I would suspect that most reasoned and rational individuals would concur. And no doubt if there’s a viable market in selling LGBT clothing and accessories to coincide with the “LGBT Pride Month” which kicks off in June, so-be-it,” moreover by that same free market analogy those families and individuals that might feel offended, for whatever reason have an equal right to show their disapproval by simply shopping somewhere else, and by publicly "boycotting" the store.

That’s the beauty of the “free market” in that we can take our business somewhere else if we disapprove of the merchandise sold, without recrimination. Obviously someone in corporate within the Target organization apparently crunched the numbers and figured that the 2% of Americans over the age of 18 who identify themselves as either gay or lesbian is a big enough market to perhaps alienate a segment of the roughly 98% of remaining market, which by any standard is obviously a bad business decision.

Moreover one would imagine that if you’re actually in business to show a profit rather than attempting to push a progressive narrative that those executives would have done their due-diligence and actually gauge the marketplace and the demographics within the gay community by referencing the recent report by the government’s NCHS survey that concluded 96.6% of respondents identified themselves as “straight,” 1.6% as “gay or lesbian” and 0.7% as bisexual.

Target apparently feels for whatever reason that capturing a percentage of an overall 2% market is a good business move and will be kicking off their giant 5th annual “Take Pride Campaign celebrating the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

The launch which actually begins ahead of “LGBT Pride Month” will feature the “RAINBOW LOGO” on themed apparel and merchandise, including shirts, hats, swimsuits, and beach towels. The products can also be found in over 150 stores nationwide and online.

Do you think Target deserves to be boycotted for its extreme progressive policies?

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Source: Upworthy

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