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An 82-year old woman had once offered to make Asa Roberts a meal at her Coney Island Avenue home, but on Monday she was attacked in a bizarre ordeal she was lucky enough to survive.

“This is a very vicious, violent, depraved individual that we’re seeking and we need to get him off the streets very, very quickly,” said NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton.

A relative of the victim commented, “She was like a grandmother to him, and he raped her five minutes before he left,” the disgusted family member said Wednesday. “He’s an animal.”
He continued; “She tried to feed him, and after raping her, he made her “swear on a Jewish Bible” that she wouldn’t call police.

Of course, when reporters later spoke to Roberts mother, she predictably and emotionally claimed that her son was "helpful" to the elderly.

The incident has once again highlighted the staggering increase in rape related crimes up an astounding 105.9% for the week according to police data. There were 35 rape incidents verses 17 during that time period, the statistics show. Rapes were up 22% in a 28-day period and just 4% for the year to date.

Responding to this heinous act Police Commissioner William Bratton said; “What that woman suffered and endured, nobody should have to suffer or endure anytime or anywhere in this city.

Source: Pix11 - NY Post


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