Americans are continuing the disturbing trend of fearing guns in the hands of police officers more than in the hands of thugs and mercenaries. When will we learn that police officers aren't trying to hurt anyone, they're just trying to do their job?

In Atlanta, Georgia, this issue was again brought to the front page when an on-duty sheriff's deputy who was escorting a school field trip to a local movie theater wasn't allowed into the theater because he was carrying his service weapon.

Sergeant Jack Gilroy was stopped by security personnel at the Fox Theater and denied entry unless he left his gun in his car while he was in the theater. Gilroy was escorting a group of 60 children and teachers from a nearby elementary school to the theater as part of a regular assignment.

In Butts County, Georgia, where the incident occurred, the County Sheriff Gary Long said that the sheriff office has a long-standing agreement that they will send an on-duty officer out with field trips to "[give] a sense of security to parents at work or home."

But Gilroy was stopped at the theater and given a choice to enter the theater without his weapon or remain outside.

Sheriff Long pointed out the irony perfectly.

"How would the owner of the Fox explain if a shooting happened and here's a Butts County deputy sitting inside the theater without a weapon?"

Sergeant Gilroy, instead of bending to the pressure to leave his weapon outside of the theater, decided to stand guard for approximately three hours outside of the theater while the children he was protecting enjoyed the movie inside.

Fox Theater representatives later confirmed that this was an aberration of policy and that on-duty officers are normally allowed into theaters with their weapons. The security personnel who made the mistake were corrected.

Thankfully this situation worked itself out and Sergeant Gilroy didn't compromise his oath to protect the American people. Let's make sure to stand up for our armed servicemen and women in the future!

h/t: Police Mag

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