You cannot help but roll your eyes when you get wind of this study (See Study here). However, the moment you realize that this is not a joke, and get over your initial shock, you will likely become livid.

Raise your hands, people, if you have ever taken a miniscule moment of your time, the caloric energy required for your body to inhale some O2, to consider what it is that makes lesbians fat.



Well, why not?! This is some seriously important information. At least as far as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are concerned. The NIH, part of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS-and yes, that would be the same inept DHS we read about in the news ALL the time), proclaims their efforts to be that of “Making important discoveries that improve health and save lives.”

Who knew that obese lesbians, as opposed to obesity among the general population was such a crisis that needed $3.5 million dollars invested in a study to learn why gay women are fat. Does this fall into the category of “important discoveries”? As a general train of thought, one is obese because one eats too much and moves too little (health issues aside, so as ward off any faux-fending of obese folks).

Apparently ¾ of the lesbians studied are obese. Gay men tend to not be obese, and have a more positive body image, while lesbians have a more negative self-image. Although a lesbian interviewee pretty much said it is because they don’t really care, and they let themselves go (can’t that be said for a lot of folks, gay, straight, or otherwise?).

In the end, who cares? Nobody with half a brain. What should matter to everyone, as it DOES matter to everyone, is that a monumentally epic waste of tax payer money has been spent on something so completely useless, to the tune of $3.5 million dollars, and for what? Absolutely nothing…nothing! Certainly not something that promotes “improving health” or “saving lives”!

h/t: Free Beacon

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