Obamacare was just an appetizer.

Families USA, a left-wing advocacy group, is debuting the next round of statism that the Left intends to impose on the nation. The group dreams of extending the patients’ paradise created by the Affordable Care Act to illegal residents of the United States.

The group also envisions fee-for-service care becoming a thing of the past, with “public payers” (meaning the government, but “public payers” is a gentler phrase) covering the cost of all healthcare. The government will of course set prescription drug prices, and will pay for universal dental care as well.

When it comes to healthcare, the left keeps winning the argument that compassion requires government control of the market.

Free enterprise has given us - and just recently - online shopping, device-based reading, the iPad and all its baby iDevices, smartphones, Netflix’s TV-when-you-want-it, and $2.00 a gallon gasoline. Government has given us a six-year recession, coupled with the highest level of discouraged workers in generations. “Discouraged workers” is a phrase that really means people who have given up hope.

Liberals nevertheless insist that for hospitals, drugs, doctors, and dentists, the rules of free enterprise can be checked at the door, and the miraculous powers of modern medicine can continue to be enjoyed under government fiat. Opposing proposals for free health care coverage indicates you are cold-hearted, they say.


The truth is that supporting such proposals indicates you are soft-brained.


The proper, and truly compassionate, view requires adult thinking and not emotional appeals. Let’s pick just one of Family USA’s ideas – government-controlled prescription drug prices – and work through the real implications.


We’ve been taught, by our left-leaning cultural institutions, to regard drug companies as price-gougers that overcharge for new medicines. What remains unconsidered is that these drugs would never have been developed at all if there were no prospect of profit in pursuing them. And those high prices only continue until the patent period ends and generic equivalents are released.

Meanwhile, those high prices barely cover the cost of drug development. The return on investment (ROI) for the pharmaceutical industry as a whole is well below the average ROI for the S&P 500. Drug companies, believe it or not, are not highly profitable.

A growing number of dire bacteria and viruses are already beginning to overwhelm our current generation of antibiotics. And under government-run healthcare, drug companies will have no incentive to continue spending billions researching and developing replacement drugs.

Will the loving, left-wingers at Families USA be the ones to produce the next generation of germ-killers?

And yet the “compassion” argument continues to be won by the left.


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