Once again the barbarians are at the gate, and if history is indeed a window into the future then Denmark has indeed learned well the lessons of appeasement, by stopping those barbarians before the entire the gates, this time by denying citizenship to those radical Islamist's, like Belal El-Khatib who publicly advocates that Denmark should be ruled by Islamic law.

El-Khatib formally applied for Danish citizenship, which was rejected by a majority of the Danish Parliament.

Belal El-Khatib

“Belal El-Khatib should not receive citizenship because he is an Islamist. And someone who wants to turn the Danish democracy into a caliphate shouldn't have citizenship in Denmark,” the committee’s chairman, Christian Langballe of the Danish People’s Party, told news agency Ritzau.

The irony is that El-Khatib was born and raised in Denmark, his mother is a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship and his father was originally a stateless Palestinian before receiving his Danish citizenship some ten years ago. El-Khatib is an Israeli citizen like his mother but applied to become a Dane in 2013.

However unlike the United States simply being born in Denmark isn't an automatic guarantee or an entitlement of “citizenship”.

Naser Khader, an MP for the Conservatives, has called El-Khatib a “pure Islamist” and an “anti-democrat”.

“Citizenship is politics not law. Therefore we can of course allow ourselves to say to these types of people: your opinions are too extreme for us to reward you for them. And we do that to take care of Denmark.”

Source: Jihad Watch


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