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The European Union under the influence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is drowning under the massive influx of refugee migrants streaming onto the continent as the demand for housing, food, medical care for the millions strain the coffers of the individual countries.

Now Denmark has enacted a law designed to both deter migrants and compensate the government, at least to some extent, for the costs incurred in accepting the migrants.

The Danish Parliament approved the measure, which allows police and immigration officials to seize assets of refugees, despite heavy international criticism that likened the Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen to Hitler.

Items worth more than 10,000 kroner (roughly $1,500) deemed non-essential may be seized to cover the cost of the refugee’s care and is similar to the Danish law that requires Danes to “spend down” to qualify for welfare benefits.

An exception is made for items, such as jewelry, with sentimental value.

Recently, when five Iranians entered Denmark through the capital, Copenhagen, with a total of 129,600 kroner in currency, police seized 79,600 ($11,875) pursuant to the law.

Refugees, naturally, were upset when the law was enacted, with one, 48-year-old Jean Claude Mangomba, an English teacher who fled Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, pointing out,

“Most people are fleeing war, they are running away, and when they flee they take with them all that they can. That doesn’t make them wealthy or criminals. The new law is very bad, really they just want to send us back. I didn’t choose to come here, I came here suddenly, I fled, I was lucky to get out, I was desperate.”

But it may be that the new law is having exactly the intended impact as evidenced in the words of 21-year-old Zohra, a refugee from Afghanistan.

“To refugees thinking of coming to Denmark, I would tell them: if there is any chance you can stay where you are, then don’t come here to Europe, especially to Denmark. The Danish government is making harder and harder rules for everyone.”

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