It’s gratifying to know that at least in one college it’s not business as usual, where emotionally unbalanced adult/children, pretending to be students get to forcibly shout down opposing views while being disruptive.

In this particular incident students at MSU voted NOT to make their university a “sanctuary campus” which apparently caught many snowflakes by surprise and perhaps running for their “safe-zones,” and hot cocoa.

If passed the student government bill would have allowed the university to designate MSU a “sanctuary campus” with the right not to cooperate with federal ICE AGENTS.

Moreover according to The Montclair Patch; “refuse ICE physical access to all land owned or controlled by the university.”

Although there was widespread support across the nation among other colleges for “sanctuary campus,” the measure at Montclair SGA did hot get the needed two-thirds vote from the 16-member legislative team. Also, the vote was by anonymous paper ballot, rather than publicly raising your hand, which may have contributed to the bill's demise.

Wellington Gomez, the bill's sponsor, acknowledged that the legislators who voted via anonymous paper ballot rather than the usual method of public hand-raising was a “cowardly” act considering the overwhelming support by the students estimated at 75%.

“I thought the secret vote was very cowardly,” he told The Montclarion. “If you are so passionate about the vote and you feel good about the vote, why do it in secret?

Because those on the rabid left would publicly scorn, harass, and intimidate those students, thus the “silent and effective push-back.”

h/t: Campus Reform

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