Donald Trump has stayed true to his statement that he will make sure to secure our nation's borders. He plans on protecting American citizens from the many issues and dangers that illegal immigration poses. As he's stated before he will make construct a wall in order to help keep Americans safe.

Obama wanted to make sure he had some say in the matter and, like we've been seeing in his last few months in office, he made one massive move before leaving. He made sure to give Mexico $75 million to help in their part of the effort to construct a border wall.

Newsmax reported that Mexico had some very serious concerns with illegal immigrants coming into Mexico from many central American countries such as Guatemala on Mexico's southern border.

Reports indicate that somewhere near 175,000 Central Americans were deported out of Mexico last year alone. This year that number is already creeping up on 100,000.

So that money that Obama gave to Mexico wasn't even to protect American citizens and secure our own borders. It went directly to Mexico so that they could help secure their own border to the south.

Obama tried to justify this idiotic use of American money by saying that this will ultimately reduce the number of Central Americans that end up crossing into the United States through Mexico.

Why not just build a wall on the United States/Mexico border and stop all illegals from coming into America? Wouldn't that make more sense?

Democrats don't want walls built at all while Republicans would prefer that we build a wall that will actually protect us.

Mexico's southern border issues are just that Mexican issues. If they aren't even willing to pay to erect a wall and stop their own citizens from illegally coming in to America then we sure as heck shouldn't be sending them our money for their own problems.

This is one of the few times Democrats and Republicans have been able to come together and agree on something. Too bad that thing is the ridiculousness of Obama's plan to pay Mexico this money.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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