It wouldn’t be the first time Democrat California Congresswoman Maxine Waters has said something ridiculous and just plain wrong, but it is the most recent and the most inexplicable as she tries to defend Hillary Clinton’s less than enthusiastic showing with millennials.

The lawmaker who once excused black looters targeting stores owned by Koreans by saying, “There were mothers who took this as an opportunity to take some milk, to take some bread, to take some shoes ... They are not crooks,” has come up with an explanation as to why young voters, especially young women, have failed to turn out the vote for the first female presidential candidate.

Waters says it is the fault of the voters.

“Millennials would vote for Hillary Clinton if they knew anything about her.”

Say what?

“If the younger voters really knew Clinton, they would have been all over us” instead of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Speaking of herself in third-person, the 12-term California congresswoman continued to complain about the enthusiastic support Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had drawn from the large demographic born between 1980 and 2000.

“If Maxine Waters had said something about revolution or Hillary Clinton had talked about starting a revolution, do you know they would have been all over us?”

“Millennials” with their concerns about underemployment, high student loan debt and the likelihood of a lower standard of living than their parents is a key voting bloc for both Clinton and Trump, yet many in the age group are still “feeling the burn” for self-avowed socialist Sanders who promised free college, student loan forgiveness and high taxes on corporations.

Waters was willing to twist reality – that millennials show little-to-no interest in voting for Hillary – by blaming them.

One might ask why Clinton, who has been in the national public eye for 25-years serving in the most visible role of First Lady for eight years before another eight as senator and four as Secretary of State is somehow “unknown” at this point of her career.

Or, one might just accept that millennials do know all about Clinton – and they simply do not like or trust her enough to vote for her.


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