Fulfilling the promise he made during the campaign, President Trump is once again proving that he’s a man of his word, this time deporting Somali nationals many with questionable affiliations, sketchy backgrounds, and some with documented criminal histories.

US Ambassador to Somalia Stephen Schwarz just announced that the Trump Administration is planning to deport roughly 4,000 Somali nationals now residing in the United States.

“Somalia” was one of the 7-countries that the president attempted to place a temporary travel ban on, along with Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

However the Somali president, more commonly known as “Farmajo” in Somalia, said that he objected to the ban stating in an interview; “It is part of my responsibility to talk about this issue with the U.S. government by conveying our message to the president and his government that the Somali people are really good, hard-working people.”

Farmajo continued; “They raise their families in the United States. So we will see if he can change that policy and exclude Somalis from that list.”

Moreover, while President Trump’s executive travel ban is being held up in the courts, the president is still taking direct action by removing a potential threat to our national security.

Ambassador Schwarz said: "We learned through immigration sources that the total number of the Somalis that are in the books of [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to be removed are close to 4,000," Ahmed Isse Awad told VOA's Somali service Saturday. "Most of them are not in detention centers."

Referencing the scheduled deportation’s Ambassador Schwartz pointed out that since the Somalia Embassy reopened in Washington in 2015, there have been troublesome issues regarding Somali immigrants who have either run afoul of U.S. laws or questionable issues regarding applications being rejected for various reasons, to date about 170 Somali immigrants have been deported back to the country's state capital of “Mogadishu.”

It was also confirmed by ICE agents that 82 people from 26 nations during a five-sweep around the U.S, were arrested.

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Source: VOA

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