There was a time “back-in-the-day” regardless of which party was in control, Americans were confident that their institutions would be preserved, and although their policies might have appeared different, both Democrats and Republicans had a profound love of country and those principles that made us unequally “American.”

Because beneath those party labels we were all patriots and believed that we were the greatest country on earth, we were the nation that helped liberate Europe, that sent men to the moon and back, and developed the internet.

Moreover regardless if you were a Democrat or a Republican your fist solemn duty was protecting and enforcing those founding principles written within our Constitution and within our Bill of Rights.

Fast forward to 2017 and we now have a Democratic Party that no longer regards America as unique, and is no longer interested in preserving our institutions or protecting our unique principles as a free nation.

Remarkably just days after the Supreme Court ruled Sharia Law would no longer be taught in America’s classrooms, progressive loons which are now the entire Democratic Party is attempting to sabotage the court's ruling by declaring those who oppose Sharia Law are “Islamophobic.”

The campaign of disinformation has already begun in Montana with progressive Democrats attempting to block legislation that would prevent this vile doctrine from ever being implemented within America.

Senate Bill 97, introduced by (R) Keith Regier, bans the application of foreign law in Montana’s courts, specifically highlighting Sharia law. Thankfully, the bill just days after the Supreme Court ruled that Sharia Law would not be taught in America’s public schools, Democrats are attempting to subvert the rule of law.

Democratic Rep. Shane Morigeau stated: “I think it sends a dangerous message to minority groups both here living in our state and wanting to come visit our state, just merely on the fact that you may be different.”

Morigeau apparently has no idea of what the hell he’s talking about, regarding the values inscribed within our founding documents…the only difference is that the Democratic Party has now become the enemy of the American people.

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Source: Breitbart

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