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ISIS is a terrorist group that has taken over land in Iraq and Syria. They have beheaded multiple Americans and have proudly posted the beheadings on YouTube while talking about the greatness of Islam and how they are going to kill more Americans and eventually fly an ISIS flag over the white house.

Although it's hard to believe, the streets of their cities are literally lined with spikes of "non-believers" which means non-Muslims. These photos have been widely distributed on the Internet as part of ISIS "recruiting" videos. They are committing rape on a massive scale. Some liberals tried to downplay the rapes until ISIS actually released a memo to the media JUSTIFYING RAPE OF NON-MUSLIMS.

Some US Muslim extremists that share these beliefs have joined ISIS. So after they go to the Middle East to join a terrorism group that actively promotes raping and beheading anyone that is non-Muslim guess what happens.

Here are 4 options:

1) They are immediately taken into custody and are tried for treason (the penalty for treason is the death penalty)
2) They lose their passport and rights to vote in US Elections
3) They are giving a stern warning that if they join a terrorism group (that promotes beheading and rape) again they will get in serious trouble. But they get off this time because you know kids will be kids
4) We do absolutely nothing. They are free to return to the US. They keep their citizenship. They can vote in future elections.

If you guessed option 4 you would sadly be correct.

This is not some random accidently oversight. The republicans in congress tried to promote option 2. Basically saying that if someone joins a raping, beheading terrorism group they should lose their citizenship and ability to vote in future elections. The democrats blocked the measure. The ACLU complained that republicans were treating ISIS rape condoning terrorists, "unfairly". They didn't mention if the beheaded Americans or the non-Muslim women that have been repeatedly raped were treated unfairly. It's hard to think of a logical reason to want radical Islamic terrorists returning to vote in US elections.

Obama appointed FBI director, James Comey, said the ISIS terrorists are "entitled" to come back to the United States. But he added that the FBI would "track them carefully".

If you think ISIS terrorists should not be able to keep US citizenship and voting rights please sign the below petition and pass to your friends.

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