A few months ago most Americans weren't familiar with the term "sanctuary city." That was before the murder of San Francisco resident Kate Steinle by an illegal immigrant. Authorities found out that the murderer had an outstanding federal mandate on his name to deport him. San Francisco, however, is a sanctuary city.

That means that San Fran didn't feel it had to abide by a federal order and a young woman died because of their stubbornness.

Now, GOP lawmakers in Washington are trying to pass a law that would remove federal funding from any cities that designate themselves as "sanctuary cities." The law would affect a wide-range of liberal cities from San Francisco to New York and means that liberal lawmakers in those cities would actually have to take responsibility for their actions.

Staying true to his colors, President Obama has stated that he will veto any bill to come across his desk that threatens to strike funding from these cities. However, even some in his own administration recognize that the idea of a "sanctuary city" is a bad one.

"Not acceptable," and "counter-productive" are terms that the Department of Homeland Security has used to describe "sanctuary cities." How can Obama still think that these cities flouting federal law are a good idea?

Other liberals decry the new proto-law as discriminatory and a measure that would unfairly target immigrants.

However, Pat Toomey, a senator from Pennsylvania said that those allegations are not true. The bill is primarily directed towards "stopping criminals," Toomey said, something that "sanctuary cities" inhibit by virtue of their flouting of federal laws.

If a city wants to annex themselves from the United States, though that possibility is impossible, they could enact all the immigration laws they wanted. But because these "sanctuary cities" are inside the jurisdiction of the United States they need to abide by U.S. law.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

UPDATE* The bill was defeated on a 54-45 vote. It needed 60 total votes to advance.

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