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Melonease Shaw

This culture of corruption that has permeated throughout the political establishment and in particular within the Democratic Party has no doubt reached critical mass, and when those political elites at the top of the food chain engage in flagrant malfeasance, corruption, lawlessness and criminality, and simply walk away without paying any price for their misdeeds, then that culture of corruption begins to filter downward to those bit players within the party, a city councilman, a mayor, and in this particular case a well-connected Philadelphia Democratic lobbyist.

Who was entrusted to handle welfare funds under a city grant program designed to aid welfare recipients land steady jobs. However Melonease Shaw the city's lobbyist in Harrisburg, PA, decided to skim a few dollars for Health club memberships, political contributions and dancing lessons along with some other goodies all at the tax payer’s expense.

Shaw's at the time was president and CEO of Transitional Work Corp, a nonprofit organization charged with job training welfare recipients and transiting them off of public assistance and back into the labor force, the organization received within 4-years, over $32-million dollars in grant money.

Shaw has been accused of blowing more than $250,000. In addition to paying for $3,000 line-dancing lessons, health clubs and political donations some items the money was spent on included more than $26,000 in catering expenses, $51,000 in transportation and parking fees for her staff, and more than $3,500 worth of flowers. Who cares when it's stolen taxpayer money right?

Obviously willfully mishandling tax payer funds by those we entrust to safeguard our interests should always be prosecuted, however time and again we’ve seen the likes of President Obama and the presumptive Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton continually abuse the system for their own personal gains.

This in turn has created this culture of corruption which allows the Melonease Shaw’s to brazenly attempt to steal from the tax payer, however not realizing that there are two sets of rules.

Prosecutors have accused Shaw, 62, of misusing more than $250,000, purchasing items that were not allowed under the stipulations of the grant.




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