Now from the Washington “Rules are for everyone else” file, the daughter of U.S. Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) was spotted driving his car for Lyft – complete with Dad’s Congressional license plates.

While driving for the Uber-style cab service to earn extra money is commendable, Congressional license plates are issued pursuant to law limiting their use to members and their spouses, not family members.

The plates have a distinctive design that immediately identifies the vehicle as belonging to a member and provide privileges and perks in a town where power talks.

Cars with the Congressional plates are granted special parking spots, are waved to the front of lines, and often granted a pass by police officers, all of which would be a plus for a Lyft driver.

Cummings daughter, Adia, was busted when a photograph of his Honda plated with “Maryland U.S. Congress 7-A” and the pink Lyft driver sticker was posted on the D.C. blog, Popville.

Posting at @CIVILIAN, Dylan Andres wrote: “So, which member of Congress drives ‪@lyft in DC (Mt. Pleasant) on the side?”

In response to an inquiry from the Washington Post, Cummings, said his daughter, a recent graduate from Howard University was driving the car to earn “some extra money to pay her expenses at school.”

Although Cummings did not say whether he had given his daughter prior permission to use the plates, he told the paper he asked her to remove them from the Honda.

Cummings, the ten-term representative who has represented Baltimore for the past twenty years, has been most visible in the recent past passionately defending Hillary Clinton at the Select Committee on Benghazi hearings. He is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Congressional Black Caucus.

Congressional rules govern the use of the plates and provide penalties for violations, including suspension of privileges for the member during the session.

Then again, what does Representative Cummings care – he’s not one of the little people who merely pay his salary and obey the rules.

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