When will politicians learn that breaking the law is never a good idea? Scandal is rocking the Oregon capitol building as Democrat Governor John Kitzhaber resigned from office in the wake of a "green energy" scandal.

Governor John Kitzhaber had been under pressure from not only Republicans but also fellow Democrats, to resign from his position. It recently came out that Kitzhaber had an ethics breach when his fiancée, Cylvia Hayes, allegedly used their relationship to land "green energy" contracts with the state. To make matters worse, he also ordered the deletion of emails pertaining to the scandal.

Before his reelection in November, Kitzhaber had denied any wrongdoing, but the scandal never disappeared. Since November he has been called on by several different people to resign. Including, State Treasurer Ted Wheeler. He spoke to KOIN saying, "It is with deep sadness that I ask Gov. John Kitzhaber to resign his position as governor of Oregon. Unfortunately, the current situation has become untenable, and I cannot imagine any scenario by which things improve."

During Kitzhaber's resignation he still declared his innocence and lack of wrongdoing. Instead, he blamed the media and some of his peers for the fallout from the scandal. Kitzaber said, "I am confident that I have not broken any laws nor taken any actions that were dishonest or dishonorable in their intent or outcome."

After the resignation is final his seat will be filled by the current Secretary Of State Kate Brown. Even after she takes the seat, the scandal will still be in the air as the Federal Government delivered subpoenas to the office. The Federal government will be doing their own investigation into the scandal. The Feds will not only be looking into the former governor and his fiancee, but also into 15 other people and their potential roles in the scandal. Their findings are due to a grand jury no later than March 10th.

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