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American pop vocalist Katy Perry has a great mouth for singing, eating, drinking, and breathing.

It's when she uses her mouth for talking that Perry really melts sanity's popsicle.

Perry employed her famous pie-hole recently issuing a call for open borders and co-existence for all.

So don't be too stunned when your next-door neighbor's door is kicked in by federal agents for being an Islamic extremist head-chopper plotting death to us infidels.

If you can make any sense out of Perry's recent babble-on, be our guest:

"Besides like all the weird stuff that goes around the Internet, which is, y’know, sometimes a great place but an absolute, y’know, underbelly mob-pit of horribleness, I think, like, the greatest thing we can do now is just unite as people, as like, fan bases, all of it, y’know? Cause I think, like, there, like, as much, y’know, whatever we say behind people’s backs, cause the Internet can be a little bit ruthless as far as fan bases go but I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other and like, no barriers, no borders, like we all need to just co-exist," said Perry during an interview.

Y'know, like, are you out of your freaking mind, Katy? Perhaps you were asleep during the latest ISIS massacre in Manchester.

Where was the love then, Katy?

Without a doubt Katy Perry is a brainless, globalist twit, who should stick to singing shallow songs about sexual self-indulgence and getting blind, puking drunk on Friday night. Because in Perry's World, all bets on logic and common sense are off.

Please share your comments below if Katy Perry needs a reality check after making comments in public that Western countries should practice singing kumbaya with Islamic terrorists.

Source: Louder With Crowder




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