According to a French prosecutor, the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, of the Germanwings flight that crashed into an Alpine mountainside did so manually and intentionally. Brice claims Lubitz wanted to "destroy the plane".

Brice Robin, a Marseille prosecutor, stated on Thursday that when the pilot left the cockpit of the plane to use the bathroom the co-pilot locked him out and took complete control of the plane over.

Intense pounding on the cockpit door could be heard in the recording retrieved from the black box of the plane but the co-pilot never uttered a single word as he flew the plane into a French Alps mountainside.

Robin stated that it was the copilot's “intention to destroy this plane,”.

Andreas Lubitz reportedly was in his late 20's. People who knew him stated he was "rather quiet" but friendly and that he was happy to be working as a pilot at Germanwings. There were no reports of any known depression as well.

The doomed flight was on a route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf on Tuesday when it lost radio contact as it descended from cruising altitude and slammed into a remote mountain. 150 people on board where killed with no survivors. Screams could be heard on the black box recording as the plane crashed into the mountain at a speed of 435 miles per hour.



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