The world has changed dramatically since we were kids, today everyone is a winner and everyone gets a trophy, for just showing up. And while kids for the most part, were always rebellious, there was a fine line that was seldom crossed, and if you did you paid the consequences.

However social media seems to have changed all that, and in fact if you play your cards right, you can make quite a bit of money by just asking for it, and it can be for almost anything, even being crude, rude and disruptive.

And all one needs is a story a savvy lawyer and a “GoFundMe” account, and you can rake in thousands upon thousands of dollars. Just ask high school student “Jane Doe” at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina, she’s the student involved in the desk flipping incident, and which her lawyers have just set up an account in her behalf for “injuries suffered” during the altercation.

The account has amassed more than $42,000, surpassing its stated goal of $25,000. Not too shabby for flipping a few chairs and a desk.

Screenshot of the Go Fund Me page

Her lawyers at the Rutherford Law Firm, LLC located in Columbia, SC. are currently representing the Spring Valley High School student, and of course the alleged claim was that "Miss Doe" was assaulted by former Deputy, Ben Fields, who was fired even after students at the school staged a walkout supporting the officer.

Source: BPR



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