Josh McCoy, a 14-year-old boy from Virginia, has accomplished something rare. He's earned all 135 Boy Scout merit badges in just three years. Going above and beyond the boy scout motto to "Always Be Prepared", Josh McCoy's competitive spirit drove him to win every possible badge. McCoy told ABC news that he was first motivated to beat his father's boy scout record of 82 merit badges. But, 82 wasn't enough for Josh. He dedicated countless hours and persisted until there was nothing left to earn.

Earning all available merit badges is something that few scouts ever achieve. In it's 104 year history and among more than 100 million current and former members, only about 240 boy scouts have the status of earning all merit badges.

All boy scout merit badges are difficult to earn, but earning all the badges takes a huge time commitment. To earn his bugle badge, McCoy practiced for two years to learn the 15 required songs. For another badge, he planned four hiking trips to backpack the requisite 70 miles. The physical fitness badge requires scouts to log a 12-week fitness program and perform a variety of physical tests, while the Lifesaving badge asks scouts to pass swimming tests and recover a 10 pound weight submerged in 8 to 10 feet of water.

Josh is looking forward to study engineering after high school graduation. If his track record is any indicator, he will excel in college as well as he did in his quest to all 135 badges.

Boy Scouts of America aims to teach youth trustworthiness, responsible citizenship, character development, self-reliance, and participation in community organizations. Qualities Josh McCoy has definitely earned during his time as a scout.

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