After years of unspeakable acts committed by ISIS all across the globe it seems that their day of reckoning is finally upon them. Many are even calling this massive epidemic that is going to thin the ISIS ranks by the thousands a "biblical plague." When you hear the details in full, it can only be described as some sort of divine reckoning to make these people pay for what they've done to the world.

ISIS isn't dealing with a horde of locusts but what they are facing is much more lethal and is going to thin their ranks heavily. The outbreak has gotten to be so deadly, in fact, that special facilities and hospitals have had to open up to track the spread of this epidemic.

One of ISIS's newest threats is actually AIDS, that has been spreading among the barbaric killers throughout the organization. The number of ISIS militants infected with AIDS have been increasing steadily.

Many theorize that this is due to their sex slavery practices or their mass numbers of brutal rapes. Yet, others hypothesize that there may actually be a large but secret bisexual community within the terrorist organization, something that is strictly forbidden by the teachings of the Quran.

According to Shoebat, a reporter who wished to remain unnamed went to Shaddadi, Syria to learn more about this potential AIDS outbreak and the claim that there was a special center dedicated to the monitoring and treatment of AIDS in Almayadeen City at an Islamic State group-controlled hospital.

In the reporter's report they were able to set up communications with an ISIS fighter named Abu Qatada. Qatada corroborated the claim that AIDS was a serious concern to the Islamic State and that they have actually designated special doctors within their camps to help monitor and treat the AIDS issue.

Furthermore, there are reports that a man from Indonesia knew that he was infected with AIDS and intentionally donated blood to an Islamic State-run hospital. Shortly after ISIS discovered that the man was intentionally harming ISIS militants he was executed.

It's not much of a surprise that this type of epidemic is sweeping such a brutal and inhumane terrorist organization, especially when you consider some of the vile practices that they are infamous for. It looks like even Allah has turned their back on them now and their judgement day may be upon them.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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