If you’re a true proponent of the First Amendment then you should believe that everyone has a right to freedom of expression, however when a high school purposely permits a historically inaccurate and violent narrative within a written and or visual presentation then someone needs to set the record straight.

Such was the case at a high school in a Washington, D.C. suburb that erected a large anti-cop art display bashing police in a central area of the school.

As stated everyone has a “right” to freedom of expression, and the First Amendment should apply equally to all forms of expression and speech even that of an egregious nature.

Oxon Hill High School a predominately black school in Prince George’s County, Maryland just south of D.C, apparently created a display by an art class that eventually appeared on Twitter:

The display shows two figures: one a white police officer and the other a bullet-riddled black man with his hands up and his wounds forming the stripes of the American flag.

In front of the policeman figure is a mock-up of a fictional newspaper titled the “The Clipper Post”. One page titled “Obituaries” shows photos “in loving memory of” black men who died at the hands of police, including Freddie Gray and Michael Brown.

The other page carried headlines such as “1 Black Male Is Killed by Police Every 28 Hours” and “Another Teen Shot Dead by Police.” The figure also shows a black teenager raising his hands in the air in the universal sign of surrender.  Blood runs down from bullet holes on his shirt to create an American flag pattern, while his legs are covered with written messages intended to protest police violence, including “#StopKillerCops,” “Stop Racial Profiling,” and “Violence Won’t Silence Us.”

Obviously the written narrative does not support the historical facts, and that’s the rub, promoting a “false narrative” at an art exhibit to promote an ideology is one thing, however for that same display to be “housed” within a high school setting is a dereliction of duty by educators, and a  failure to teach accurately the facts.

h/t: Daily Caller



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