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Within the last few years Americans have witnessed a growing and dangerous hostility between America’s police forces and this administrations attempt to dehumanize them as a racist army of blue who target minorities leaving us with a nation divided along racial lines.

Time and again we've witnessed Obama’s Justice Department target police and Sheriffs without the benefit due process to simply to push a political narrative, while actually siding with young black thugs, rather than with law enforcement, and many law enforcement agencies around the nation are no longer being proactive, for fear of being targeted.

However some have decided to take a more active stand against Obama’s overreach, and have decided (like the rest of America), to take their government back.

One group of lawman, known as the “Sagebrush Sheriffs” have decided that they won’t sit back and watch their country ruined.

Instead, they have banded together to stand up to the big government that has tried to run them over.

The “Sagebrush Sheriffs” are also known as “constitutional sheriffs,” and they use their positions as the ultimate local law enforcement authorities to fight detrimental environmental regulation, run federal officials out of their counties, and, when necessary, break the law themselves, according to High Country News.

Sheriff Mack is a former sheriff out of Arizona. He believes that sheriffs can lead the fight to rescue America from the “cesspool of corruption” that Washington, DC has become by refusing to enforce federal and state laws that they deem unconstitutional, such as road closures by the Bureau of Land Management and certain gun control regulations.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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