It is hard to know what is most shocking – the omission of the word “ISIS” let alone any reference to terrorism on the first day of the Democrat convention, or the fact that the far-Left site, Politifact, actually reported it.

It’s as though Democrats don’t read newspapers, turn on the TV or listen to the radio.

Day One saw Bernie Sanders surrender his revolution, and an appearance by comedian-turned-senator Al Franken and controversial comic Sarah Silverman who told Sanders’s supporters they were “being ridiculous” not to realign their allegiance to Hillary.

Paul Simon warbled “Bridge Over Troubled Water” as protesters chanted behind four miles of 8-foot high chain link fence that surrounded the arena.

Michelle Obama talked about slavery and her daughters, waxing poetic about her new “bestie” Hillary Clinton and realizing suddenly that America is the “greatest country in the world.”

For Democrats, Islamic terrorism is not only not a priority – it apparently doesn’t even register on their radar screen.

Ten days before the convention was gaveled to order, a Tunisian named Mohamed deliberately mowed down families at a Bastille Day fireworks celebration in Nice, France killing 84 and injuring 300 more.

Days later, an attacker identified only as Mohamed B. stabbed a woman and her three daughters at a French resort because one of the girls had worn shorts.

That same week, an axe-wielding Muslim went on a rampage on a commuter train in Germany, and just days later, an Iranian national killed nine when he opened fire on children eating at a McDonald’s in Munich.

Only two days later, a Syrian pledging allegiance to ISIS detonated an explosive device at an outdoor music fest in southern Germany, the same day a Syrian refugee slaughtered a pregnant woman with a machete on the street of another German town, leaving two others injured.

Politifact reported that searches of C-SPAN closed-captioning and Congressional Quarterly transcripts revealed not a single utterance of the words: “ISIS,” “Islamic,” “terror,” “terrorism,” or “terrorist” by 61 speakers on Day One of the Democrat convention.

One wonders if the beheading of a Catholic priest saying morning Mass in a French church before horrified nuns and parishioners is sufficiently important to draw the attention of the Democrats as they tell Americans all is well in Obama’s world – so good that we should want four more years.

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