Information recently made available by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) came with some surprising and shocking revelations about the ever growing illegal or as MPI says, "Unauthorized" persons, living here in the United States. First off is the total number itself: a WHOPPING 11 million "unauthorized" people are now among us. Central and South America lead all others with almost 80% of the total immigrant swell. Mexico alone accounts for 58% of that chunk, a fact most likely due to our ever weakened border policy in many popular crossings.

Gender is almost even, with 46% of the "unauthorized" population being female. Not surprisingly, 51% report to speak English "not well" or "not at all" and about 50% of adults over 25 have a High School diploma or better. Some stranger and more alarming facts that came to light are things like the 8% that are somehow married to a US citizen or the 28% reported to not be present in the labor force.

While some things in the report might look positive on the surface, like the 13% who hold a college degree, we must not forget that these "unauthorized" persons are actually "illegal".

Check out the Migration Policy Institute for more on all of the data and statistics cited.



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