This is perhaps one of the most chilling video’s to watch, in that it starts out as nothing more than a routine incident, as the suspect seems so mild-mannered and easy to converse with, as this police officer respectfully engages the suspect in conversation.

Officer Rhett Kelly and Sergeant Frank Ballentine had found a small amount of marijuana in 21-year old Demetrius Shelley Bryant's pockets after questioning him about the smell of marijuana from his car.

However within seconds the routine and thus far uneventful incident quickly begins to escalate, as the suspect suddenly begins to resist when the officers attempts to put him under arrest for the minor drug charge, he then suddenly breaks loose, pulls out a pistol and opens fire at the police officers nearly hitting one of them in the head.

The 6-minute footage captures the heart pounding event on the dash-cam video of the patrol car, as both officers Kelly and Sergeant Ballentine chase the armed suspect between two homes and out of sight, however the audio captures the terror within the voices of the two officer’s as they try to subdue the suspect.

Although Officer Kelly was wounded in the shootout, he later returned to work on limited duty.

The suspect had been arrested three times prior for gun and drug possession. However as this video so graphically chronicles, there are no routine arrests, in that you never know when an uneventful stop will have a police officer fighting for his life...sadly this administration has made it even more difficult for law enforcement to do their job!


Do you think these police officers are justified in shooting this criminal?

h/t: Live Leak



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