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On Monday, Dallas Police Chief David Brown issued a message for Black Lives Matter protestors: “Become a part of the solution,” adding, “We’re hiring.” Brown called on protestors unhappy with police situations to join the solution rather than the problem, and he was being genuine.

Chief Brown, an African-American, grew up fearing police officers, but dropped out of college to become a PO anyway after seeing what crack-cocaine had done to his childhood community. As police chief, he has put an emphasis on police officers as members of the community.

Under his watch both crime, and police shootings have declined.

This is what makes the tragedy in Dallas so utterly senseless. From the prospective of an outsider Chief Brown was doing exactly what Black Lives Matter protestors have been clamoring for.

He has both increased the transparency of the police force, and cracked down on officer misconduct. Despite this, his men were the targets of the deadliest attack on police officers since 9/11. What kind of message does that send to other police forces around the country?

What kind of message does that send about the Black Lives Matter movement?

Instead of highlighting the progress that was made in Dallas, and condemning the shooter, BLM protestors have politicized the attack as "what happens when you push people too far."

BLM protestors have now made clear that they just wish to make noise, and cause problems without any real demands for the change they seek.

This mentality was displayed again in Atlanta on Wednesday when protestors stopped traffic on the highway where I-75 meets I-85. When asked what their intentions were one individual responded "that's the point of a protest. To make noise, and let people know we are here."

No, the point of a protest is to seek specific change. That is why sit-ins were held at restaurants that wouldn't serve black people, or why Martin Luther King marched on Washington to pressure congress to pass a law ensuring voting rights for blacks.

There were definitive reasons for these actions, and well-defined goals to be achieved. What BLM protestors are currently doing is more akin to Al-Qaeda. What do you want?

"To ruin the lives of everyone who is not part of out movement." That is a terrorist mindset, and will rip America apart at the seams if it continues.

Source: Breitbart

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