Most of us can still recall fondly standing silently in the warm summer sun perhaps holding a sign demanding our government reduce our national debt, and perhaps waving a miniature American Flag, and enjoying the company of like-minded individuals, mostly middle-aged and white who never protested before, however frustrated at being ignored by our government and treated like second-class citizens, much like those British subjects who finally declared their independence by dumping English tea into Boston Harbor. The “populist” and the conservative movement soon became known as the TEA PARTY, and many within the movement were always slightly embarrassed at the thought of demonstrating against their government.

Moreover those “so-called” protesters were brought up to respect one another, and the norms that govern a civil society, which included that old adage learned as children “to pick up after yourself”…in short to clean up the mess you created, and for the most part when a “Tea Party” rally had concluded, the area was usually as clean as before (sometimes cleaner) then at the start of the rally.

And perhaps that’s the fundamental difference in how progressives ironically view their own immediate environment, as demonstrated by the protesters at the Dakota Pipeline site who trashed their environment at a staggering $1.1 million dollars, in clean-up costs.

The Army Corps of Engineers was tasked with cleaning up the Dakota Access pipeline which sits on federal land in North Dakota, utilizing over 835-garbage dumpsters, hauling tons of trash and debris.

Included in the massive cleanup operation was a rescue effort conducted by several local animal rescue shelters, who located a number of dogs and puppies abandoned at the protest encampment site, at last count over a dozen dogs were saved.

“We are happy to report that all animals have been accounted for throughout the Dakota Access Pipeline protest sites,” Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue of Bismarck-Mandan said in an online post.

Obviously the hypocrisy of thousands of so-called environmental demonstrators, leaving the site in such monumental disrepair, once again demonstrates a true clash of cultures between those Tea Party members and this new breed of environmental protester.

Source: Washington Times

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