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For those not to familiar with Rep. Charlie Rangel, he was once a very influential politician within the Democratic Party, a New York congressman representing the distract of Harlem, and currently under federal investigation for a number of “ethics violations.”

Which ironically makes his statements about the privileged political class and the issue of gun control a lot more relevant, when compared to his congressional record of abusing the political system for his own personal rewards, and suggesting that members of congress “deserve” and “need” protection while law-abiding citizens should be on their own.

In an interview with the Daily Caller Rangel doubled down when asked about how difficult it was for the average law-abiding citizen to get a concealed carry permit in New York City, saying: “I’m glad to hear you say that very few people get it, we don’t need that many guns.”

Rangel is exactly the reason why someone like a Donald Trump is resonating with the people, in that Charlie Rangel is indicative of a privileged and morally corrupt political class that puts their own self interests before the people they pretend to serve.

In another verbal encounter when asked if his own constituents in the crime riddled sections of Harlem, should have the means to protect themselves with concealed carry permits, Rangel responded: “I wouldn’t want them to have it. I know what you’re trying to say. Corruption is corruption, and it’s bad, “law-abiding citizens just shouldn’t have to carry a gun. You’re not gonna push me in that direction.”

In short a corrupt and seedy politician, facing 10-separate counts for a multitude of ethics violations is more deserving of protection than an honest and law-abiding individual.

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