This Halloween, everyone should dress as themselves in order to avoid offending anyone. After all, a vampire costume can be offensive to real vampires. Of course, this doesn't apply to everyone; only to the white folks.

Don't forget that two years ago we saw some serious SJW meltdown at Yale University after students confronted a professor over his refusal to advocate for an on-campus Halloween dress code. Need a reminder? Watch this video to see young adults act like five-year-olds with their LOL tantrums.

Since the SJW nonsense has shown no signs of relenting, Daily Wire released its own guidelines for white people. Here are the nine simple rules, and if you violate any one of them, you're a minority-hating Hitler-saluting evil racist with a capital "R."

1. Avoid costumes based on non-white characters
2. Avoid costumes on white characters as well. Dressing as a white character means you believe the character is superior to other characters of color.
3. Avoid costumes made from a material with racial overtones. For instance, don't wear anything with cotton due to its association with slavery.
4. Avoid costumes with materials with no racial overtones. Plastic, for instance, was invented by the white man and may be a symbol of white supremacy.
5. Avoid costumes if you think a person of color will find it offensive.
6. Avoid store-bought costumes. Buying a costume means it won't be available for a person of color who may have wanted it.
7. Avoid handmade costumes since that means you're trying to outshine minorities.
8. Avoid costumes, period! It may be offensive to non-white cultures that wear costumes for their ceremonies.
9. Avoid avoiding costumes. Avoiding costumes mean you're trying to not offend minorities, which is in itself racist because you're saying they're fragile little snowflakes.

Read the original Daily Wire post here.

What will your costume be for Halloween? Whatever it is, know that to someone, somewhere, that it's probably racist.

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