In Ontario, California neighborhood thug, and apparent career criminal, decided to break into a sleeping family’s home. The father awoke to his young daughter crying and begging for help. 

Dad, Art Corral,   jumped to it, and because of the nature of her cries grabbed his gun. As he headed to his daughter he caught a glimpse of an intruder on the floor near his pool table.

Jose Andres Alfaro Chavez was shot. He will likely survive. There is no word on what Chavez was doing to elicit the child’s cries for help. It doesn’t matter. He was there with ill intent and he was a thug robber. He deserved to be shot.

Plus, it turns out that Corrall’s neighbor knew of Chavez and had taken the “feelings” approach to his continued criminal activity. She warned him that he was going to end up shot. Hmmm….wonder if she bothered to warn anybody else, like the Corrall family? Doesn’t sound like it. How nice of her. How kind and neighborly.

For his part Corral says it is his right to own a gun, and shoot an intruder, that kept his family safe.

"What would have happened if I didn’t? We would have had a big ol’ pillow fight?"

He went on to state,

"I’m a hardworking guy. Me and my wife work for what we got here, and our kids and stuff. I just believe that if we don’t have rights to bear arms, how else am I going to defend my family?”

What else could he do? Whether Chavez intended to rob his home in silence or not is not Corrall’s job to figure out. His job, as a father and husband, is to protect his family at all costs. If that means confronting an intruder that is what it means. In this case, Corrall happened to have a gun, and as a result he beat the bad guy and saved his family.

Good for him, and shame on his neighbor. Every American should have a firearm, safely stowed away, in their home for just something like this. You can never assume your neighborhood is safe. Criminals are everywhere, and if they decide to pick on your home and your family, if you are smart you will want to be ready to defend all of your lives.

Source: Mad World News


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