In a tiny rural village in India, a 17-year old boy violently raped a 7 or 8-MONTH old baby girl. Two years passed and eventually the father decided enough was enough and at the rate the justice system was moving the boy would receive no punishment.

So, he approached the court and told them he had forgiven the young man for his transgressions. He even offered the rapist, Parminder Singh, a lift home on the back of his motorcycle.

The father had not forgiven Singh. Justice had not been meted out, and the baby girl’s dad wanted to ensure the monster would never lay his hands on an innocent child again. So, the father took matters into his own hands. He drove the motorcycle off the road and into a secluded area. We can only imagine the fight that ensued.

The fight ended with Singh beaten nearly to death and tied to a tree. The lesson did not stop there, though. The father had managed to tie the beast to a tree that allowed for exposure of his arms. Then took a machete and hacked off Singh’s hands.

Assuming the filth was going to bleed to death, the father walked away. Unfortunately, villagers heard the cries for help and Singh now lays in a hospital somewhere recovering from his injuries. Meanwhile, the Indian justice system is all aflutter with the need to find the father. He is wanted for attempted murder.

This type of vigilantism is not uncommon for the region. In fact, another father took matters into his own hands when it came to his teen daughter’s rapist. He feigned forgiveness and invited the animal to his home for dinner.

Then the dad beat him, tortured him, and took a pair of heated tongs to his nether regions, before strangling him to death.

It certainly looks like the neighborhood watch version of justice is working a lot better than the Indian judicial system.

Source: Mad World News

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