Can you even begin to imagine the horror of having your child kidnapped? Now imagine that the person who kidnapped her was once your other half?

That is what happened to Oregonian, Bryan Thouvenel. The child was the product of a one-night stand, that blossomed into a relationship. The two set out to raise little Harmony Rain Thouvenel.  At the age of two-years, Harmony disappeared and her father’s nightmare began. Harmony’s mom walk away from Bryan and took their daughter with her. There had been no communication from the mother for two years, and Bryan was at a loss.

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He did a very logical and responsible thing while searching for his child. In March, of 2015, roughly one-year after his daughter had been kidnapped, he took the mother to court (she was absent), and filed for sole custody. He won, and he continued to search for Harmony.

Then came a break in the case, courtesy of a friend. The friend called Bryan and told him that they had seen a little girl in a Salvation Army homeless shelter hundreds of miles to the norther, in Spokane, Washington. 

Bryan had been having dinner-out with his own mother when the call came, and the two immediately made tracks for Spokane. Ten hours later, court order in-hand demanding Harmony and her mother appear in court.


I sat there and the next thing you know I’ve got my daughter coming out, walking by herself.” How incredibly lifting and soul soothing that moment must have been. Bryon continued (speaking to KATU), “She’s kind of looking around, and I said her name once. She kind of looked at me funny and I said ‘Harmony, it’s daddy.’ Her eyes just kind of lit up.

At the age of four, little Harmony had minimal recollection of her father, but with time the drama and turmoil settled.

Bryan, having the emotional self-controll that many of us would not, allows Harmony to speak to her mother over Skype and have supervised visits. After all, it is not Harmony’s fault her mother is an idiot.

Source: Mad World News

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