Three years probation. That's it.  That is all Kenneth Faulkner's little girls safety is worth according to Tennessee.  Mr. Faulkner was not satisfied with this lackadaisical sentencing and so he went to the home of the molester of his little girls, 67-year old Thomas Williams', and asked him why he did what he did.  The answer-Williams didn't know.

Bad answer.

Faulkner went vigilante, pummeled Williams and tossed his ass down some stairs.  This earned Faulkner an arrest, charges of aggravated assault and bail set at $6,000.00.  To be clear, this is three-times the amount that Williams had to post to get his pervert-pocket-pool self out of the jail house.  Triple!!

Faulkner, being the man and father he is, in the truest sense of the words, says no prob.  He'd do it again.  Who among us wouldn't?  His community has rallied around him protest marching the courthouse where the piece of garbage child molester was cut loose with a slap on the had and an admonishment to be good.  Meanwhile, Faulkner now faces his own court hearing and sentencing for doing what any sane and normal parent would do in this situation.  August 11th--Faulkner has his day in court and we shall see if justice will finally raise her head in this matter.

This is infuriatingly outrageous and just one more example of how wrong our justice system has become.



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