There is nothing like being a parent and stepping in to defend your child only to find yourself sitting in prison. Such was the case with Aussie dad, Ben Batterham, who at 3:30 in the morning awoke with a start.

He had an eerie feeling that something was not right in his home, so he began to make the rounds. He entered his daughter’s room only to find a strange man looming over her, his daughter terrified.

Dad went into action and royally beat the ever living daylights out of him. Ricky Slater, Cretan, later died because of the injuries he sustained at the hands of Batterham. Yay.

Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished and Batterham is now facing charges of murder. Slater’s equally piece of garbage mother, Beryl Dickson, is wallowing in sorrow for the death of her would be Chester the Molester, who many of us would be right in assuming was a wannabe Ricky the Child Rapist.

Ricky was her beautiful baby boy, a doting dad with three kids of his own, and rap-sheet a mile long.

They’ve lost their father, their beautiful father that they haven’t seen for years because he was in jail, which has nothing to do with this case,” she whined. “Just to think those little kids are going to grow up without a dad.

Yes, just think of it. No ball and chain of a weirdo dad. Sounds like a blessing all around.

Batterham should get a medal for ridding the world of another evil being.

Source: Mad World News



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